NC banking on poll boycott: Baig

Srinagar: Opposition PDP candidate from Baramulla Lok Sabha constituency Muzaffar Hussain Baig Saturday  said ruling National Conference (NC) in Jammu and Kashmir was banking on people boycotting the elections for its sustenance.
“National Conference is aware about the fact that it does not enjoy power because of the popular vote. The NC has been counting on boycott calls as its major source of sustenance in elections,” Baig said, addressing an election rally at Rafiabad in Baramulla district.
Baig, a former deputy chief minister of the state, accused the National Conference of enforcing boycott call given by separatists.
“It (NC) generally enforces the boycott calls given by others to benefit from the non-participation of voters because it realises that if people come to vote, they will do so only to get ‘azadi’ (freedom) from NC,” he added.
He said given the current mood, it has become evident now that the people will participate overwhelmingly in the forthcoming polls to defeat the NC to ensure a responsible system in the state and sincere leadership in Parliament.
Baig said the NC has always played tricks in the elections to see itself through, but this time people have understood the acts it has been employing over the years to get into power.
“People are conscious enough this time about the importance of vote as they think it is the only weapon to change the destiny of Jammu and Kashmir and resolve its issues,” he said.
Baig said there has been a realisation among the people that irrespective of boycott being effective, a government is formed.
“There is now realisation that by not participating in the polls, we are doing a big disservice to ourselves. It has to be weighed by the people and decided by them whether they should have a responsible government as was provided by the PDP in 2002 or they should have a government like the present one led by the NC,” Baig said.
He said NC knows it well that it is not at the helm of affairs because of the popular vote.
“That is why it doesn’t feel accountable to the people as it gets into power structure through tricks and people have to be wary of the fact, as they only can change the destiny of the state by voting properly and not allowing their votes to get wasted,” he added.