India needs multi-pronged approach to eradicate poverty: Report

NEW DELHI: A multi-pronged approach with focus on inclusive economic growth would help eradicate poverty, which is increasingly getting concentrated in a few geographical areas, says a research report.
The observations are part of the India Public Policy Report ( IPPR) 2014 jointly published by O P Jindal Global University and Oxford University Press.
“Overcoming poverty requires a context specific multi-pronged strategy that includes: a basic needs approach, a human rights entitlement approach, a natural resource management approach and a focus on inclusive economic growth,” the report released this week said.
Poverty in India is getting increasingly concentrated in a few geographical areas, among specific social groups and is increasing in urban areas, it said.
It also noted that access to a diverse food basket alone may not help in effectively overcoming malnutrition. The report’s Policy Effectiveness Index ( PEI) showed that at all India level there is a gradual, but only a marginal, improvement in the policy effectiveness index over the three decades – period from 1981 to 2011.
The index is based on four factors – livelihood opportunity, social opportunity, rule of law and physical infrastructure development.