I can’t forget, see I can’t forget

Your wave and your smile

The life we lived

The memories we’ve made

Everyday I think about them all,

Together we won’t walk again

No “how you doing Sir” with a big hug to follow

No “how’s it going” or “I’ll see you tomorrow”

In the silent night

As I watch the darkness through my misty window

I yell

“Pour down rain, pour down”

“Pour down on the shadow of my memories

And soak them with his thoughts”

Then I think of you, without a stop

Without getting tired

Even if you’re not with us

You are so close

I grow you inside me

I see you there, deep within

The marrow of my bones

And the redness of my blood

Do you remember?

That spring

Birds didn’t sing

Leaves abandoned trees

And grasses turned yellow

Colors fading away, of all flowers

The dark sunshine

And frostbitten breeze

That spring

Almonds didn’t blossom

That spring never lived

Do you remember?

It was the 4th of April

When you went away leaving a trail

Of memories and sorrow

An uncertain tomorrow

Do you remember?

When we stood by your bedside

Holding your hands and eyes full of tears

Remembering moments we shared for years

I stroked your hair

Watching you just lay there

With a graceful stillness

Do you remember?

Do you remember?

Those good times

Of laughter and play

I can’t forget, see I can’t forget

Of all things you taught me, you missed one

You forgot to teach me one last thing

How to let you go

And live without you

By Showkat Nanda

(Showkat Nanda is a Kashmiri photojournalist based in the US. He is a Fulbright Fellow at Missouri School of Journalism)