Modi carries stigma of communal bias: Omar

Poonch: In a blistering attack on Narendra Modi and BJP, Chief Minister Omar Abdullah Wednesday said how can people of Jammu and Kashmir “expect human behaviour and justice” from him when he has failed to apologise for the 2002 Gujarat riots and carried the stigma of communal bias.
He said BJP’s prime ministerial candidate Modi was devoid of having equal concern for all sections of the society and carried stigma of communal bias.
Addressing a large gathering for Congress candidate Madan Lal Sharma, Omar said the Prime Minister of the country should reflect representative character and possess equal concern for all sections of the society and “Modi did not show a courtesy to express sorry for the killings of large number of innocents in Gujarat and categorically denied cladding of a cap presented to him by Muslims.
“This does not suite to be the Prime Minister of a great country like India, which is a pluralistic society with diversity of cultural heritage and faiths.”
He said Modi symbolises a particular ideology based on dividing the society on religion and regional bias as against Congress’ Rahul Gandhi who represented the aspirations of the people of all sections of the society and is a torch bearer of secular democratic India.
Omar expressed wonder about the assertion of Modi and BJP that they will look at Jammu and Kashmir through the prism of humanity and said Modi could not fulfil a fundamental requirement of humanism to express an apology for the killings of innocent human beings particularly the members of Muslim community in Gujarat and rather equated this with the killing of canines by saying that he feels sorry even for the death of a dog.
“How can anyone expect human behaviour and justice from him (Modi),” Omar said.