BJP has no distinct policies: AMM

Jammu: Hitting out at BJP for being regressive and divisive in its outlook, Jammu and Kashmir Awami Mutahida Mahaz (JKAMM) Wednesday said it did not have any distinct policies which could help the country to come out of the present quagmire.
“BJP has no distinct policies which could help the country to come out of the present quagmire,” AMM leader and CPI(M) MLA, M Y Tarigami said, after passing a resolution in this regard today.
A meeting of Awami Mutahida Mahaz (People’s United Front) was held today which was attended by M Y Tarigami, Hakeem Mohd Yaseen, Sheikh Abdul Rehman, Abdul Rashid Kabli, Abdul Rehman Tukroo and I D Khajuria.
The resolution was unanimously adopted at the meeting of the leaders.
In the backdrop of the election process for the Lok Sabha, BJP claims to be an alternative at the national level because of the misgovernance, corruption and overall failure of the UPA, he said.
The AMM leader said the fact remains that BJP is regressive, communal and divisive in its outlook and projects policies which are bound to undermine the age-old plural ethos and secular traditions of our people.
“As such, the people of the country must rise to the occasion and defeat the designs of this rabid communal platform,” he said.
Tarigami said AMM was formed in September 2013 to help evolve alternate policies which could address the long-pending aspirations of the people.
“We firmly believe that such policies can only emerge through sustained mass struggles. In present elections, people have a choice among parties and individuals only, and not in terms of alternative policies,” he said.
The leaders discussed the present elections and felt that in view of the varied aspects and the modest resources at its disposal, it should not contest the polls and decided to focus on the basic and urgent issues being faced by the people of the state.