UGC asks for review of varsities recommended for blacklisting

NEW DELHI: In a breather to 44 deemed universities recommended for blacklisting, the University Grants Commission (UGC) has asked for a fresh review of their present status.
The development comes against the backdrop of the Supreme Court directing the government in January this year to take a fresh look at them after taking advice from the UGC.
The apex court had directed the UGC to examine all the reports on the universities’ failure to fulfil the criteria within two months and tender its advice to the Centre which will take a final call on the issue.
These 44 institutions were blacklisted by the Tandon committee which had examined a total of 126 institutes and had put these 44 in category C for failing on several parameters.
Sources said the mandatory review of every institute which is carried out every five years will be undertaken on these C catergory institutes on a priority basis.
They said Tandon committee report was presented about five years back and hence taking a call about the fate of these institutes now would be unfair.
Moreover, two other committees which went into their status had come out with reports that were “different from each other in every respect.”
Taking all these factors into considerations, the commission after a meeting sometime back has decided for fresh review, sources said.
They also pointed to a UGC report in 2009-10 which had not recommended blacklisting of any of the universities even though all the committees were of the view that these universities failed on several parameters.
Should UGC decides to upgrade their status shortly, the Model Code of Conduct would not come in the way as the matter is being examined by the Supreme Court, the sources also said.
Notably, the review would be confined to 41 C category universities and not 44 as one of them have been upgraded into a centre of national importance and other two have withdrawn their deemed university status.