Disgruntled NC leader quits party, threatens to spill beans on Haji Yousuf death

Srinagar: Ahead of the Lok Sabha polls, a senior National Conference (NC) leader in central Kashmir’s Ganderbal district has resigned from the party and vowed to reveal “secrets” regarding the Haji Yousuf death case.
Muhammad Yousuf Bhat, who has been associated with NC since 1975, blamed the party leadership for ‘sidelining’ core workers. “The time of Shiekh Abdullah has gone when every worker from Block to State level was consulted in decision- making,” Yousuf said.
Yousuf— one of the key witnesses in the controversial death of NC worker Haji Mohammad Yousuf at Chief Minister Omar Abdullah’s residence on September 29, 2011—also vowed to reveal ‘secrets’ regarding the case.
“I will reveal many things about the Haji Yousuf case before press when I file my nomination papers as an independent candidate, ” he said.
“Since 1975, I was part of NC. I have served NC in difficult times. I was a polling agent in 1977 elections. I have served detention for NC and was interrogated. I am witness to Rajiv-Farooq accord. We saved party at the peak of armed militancy. In 1996, we literally jumped in fire and helped NC to achieve success and started the political process again in the state,” he said.
Lashing out at current NC leadership, he said: “We have been ignored. Our contribution is being ignored. They brought their family members and friends from foreign countries and gave them top positions in the party while we have been literally forgotten.”
Bhat alleged that he was also a witness to how the NC had rigged the 1987 elections which “ultimately led to militancy.”
Earlier, another veteran leader Sheikh Ghulam Muhammad Saloora had also quit the party and created his own – Awami Insaf Party.
NC spokesman Junaid Azim Mattu said that in politics people come and people go. “It is an ongoing process. Some people leave the party for personal interests and some leave over ideological differences,” he said.