Dynastic rule: PDP is no different

Srinagar: Although Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) misses no opportunity to take National Conference (NC) and Congress to task for promoting ‘family rule’ in Jammu Kashmir, the party has won the label of ‘Papa Daughter Party’.
Early this year, the president of Awami Ittehad Party (AIP) and MLA Langat, Engineer Rashid came down heavily on ruling National Conference and Party Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) accusing them of “ruining the spirit of democracy by dynasty rule and family-run politics.”
“The democratic institutions have become fiefdom of few political families in Jammu and Kashmir which has further disillusioned the people from the democratic processes. People particularly youth are striving to change this system which attends to the selfish interests of few political families and dynasties,” Rashid said while addressing a Handwara convention.
Earlier Chief of Democratic Party, Ghulam Hasan Mir accused PDP of ‘misleading’ the people by floating hollow slogans. He said such leaders had been encouraged in raising extraneous slogans and demands because the political system seemed to be meant for a few families.
People close to Mir believe that he was expelled from the PDP for opposing what he called ‘family rule’. There was no internal democracy in the PDP. The show was run by the Muftis,” he had said.
Pertinently the party leadership has remained in the Mufti family from the beginning. While senior Mufti is the lifelong patron, Mahbooba feels comfortable in the presidential chair, an observer told Kashmir Reader. “Mahbooba is very strong and wins the internal elections whenever held but to uphold the spirit of democracy, she should make way for others,” he suggested.
He went ahead to accuse PDP of promoting a particular sect. “PDP is also called the party of peers,” he said adding the party needs to set its house in order before looking at NC and Congress.
He said the way Muzaffar Husain Baig was removed from Deputy Chief Minister’s post reflects the hegemony of the Mufti family. “Like NC, PDP also takes decisions in the ‘kitchen cabinet’. Records reveal that the decision of removing Baig was not discussed in the party. This is exactly what the NC and Congress have been doing,” he said.