1952: Washington Cables US Consulate in Geneva

“While we are hopeful, in view (of) Graham’s comments in reftel (telegram under reference), that he (was) preparing (for) further negotiations, since he apparently did not indicate (to the) AmConsul (American Consul) his precise plans (with regard to the) date (of) submission (of) his report and his personally returning (to) New York, we believe it of utmost importance that AmConsul convey (to) Graham (the) following:

· A. We earnestly hope (that) Graham appreciates that (what) concern UK and ourselves is that (the) political situation (facing the) GOP (Government of Pakistan) (is) sufficiently serious, and negotiations possibilities between parties sufficiently well-indicated to justify our belief (that) Graham might well devote himself now to further negotiations efforts with parties without regard (to the) report deadline and (the) limitations of terms of ref(erence).
· B. We do not believe (that) any report (would be) desirable at this time in absence (of a) full agreement (between) parties. Even if (an) interim report (were) submitted we fear it might not be (a) satisfactory basis (for the) SC (Security Council) debate, and might be (an) embarrassment (for the) Pakistan Representative, who becomes SC President on April 1. Accordingly, we reiterate our suggestion in paragraph 4 Deptel (State Department Telegram) 732, Mar 27.
· C. (With regard to a) possible Soviet blast in (the) SC (over) Graham’s continuing his effort without (a) report to and permission from (the) SC, we are far less concerned over (the) Soviet insistence on consideration (of the) report now or in (the) next few weeks than over trouble they could cause if (the) report (was) turned in and Graham made substantive proposals… (…)
· D. We urge, in view (of the) above, that Graham not return (to) New York, but plan, instead, (to) conduct further negotiations with parties.
· E. We are extremely pleased at (the) possibility (of) his having (a) new approach satisfying (the) SC and (the) UNCIP respectively. We reiterate our offers (of) assistance.
2. We note (that the) UK Representative to Geneva called on Graham prior (to the) AmConsul, but did not disclose (the) nature of his message. We believe it of great importance (that) you and he keep in close touch (with regard to) this matter so that representations to Graham are coordinated in substance.

FYI (For Your Information): The UK CRO presently appears about (a) day behind (the) State Dep(ar)t(ment) in making decisions and sending instructions to (the) field (with regard to) this matter. Accordingly it (is) possible (that) his comments to Graham may have conflicted with yours.