The Ambassador in India (Bowles) wires to the Department of State

March 28, 1952

It seems regrettable that Graham considered it necessary to leave Karachi without divulging enough of what he had discussed with GOI or of what was in his mind to be able convince Pak officials that he had in fact made considerable progress with GOI and that course he was pursuing had some merit in circumstances.
We not only regret his departure but his unwillingness to discuss anything outside his official terms of reference. We are inclined to believe he may not have realized the seriousness of Pak attitude which reftel reveals, and that he may be relying too heavily upon Pak willingness go along with procedure which we assume he has in mind for his report to SC.

Garner acting UK HC has informed Embassy of calmer situation Karachi past two days and of Zafrullah suggestions that before reporting SC Graham return with mil advisors, and that he should bring two Prime Ministers together. Graham prompt return seems to us highly desirable, but we believe it should be done with full realization that chances seem against any definite agreement on quantum of forces or lines now being sought. Bajpai has expressed (only yesterday to Garner) view he does not think Pak will agree figure acceptable to GOI.

The course Embassy would suggest in circumstances is that (1) Graham should submit to SC from Geneva only very brief and gen interim report expressing belief that sufficient progress made to justify continuing discussions, which lack of time did not permit him to carry to conclusion, in particular to bring two Prime Minister together and (if necessary) asking for extension of time to carry on such further discussions as he finds essential; (2) Graham should return to sub-continent with mil advisors as soon as possible and carry discussions of quantum as far as he can; (3) he should reckon with possibility that demilitarization talks will deadlock and should plan to bring PriMins together if this occurs and to seek their suggestions for way out, and should be prepared to entertain and explore any alternatives, particularly the one we know GOI has in mind. This seems to us best way to bring it into discussion, and could result we believe in considerably easing demilitarization problem.

I might add that Bajpai told me yesterday he was aware tension in Pak including tone press but did not consider situation serious. GOI had no evidence of Pakistan preparing military moves. GOI was continuing withdraw Indian troops from Kashmir which it expected complete on April 15. It seems to me that if GOI actually had info Pak planning mil moves it would have taken immediate advantage situation to publicize them.