Abdullahs slam Modi at Budgam rally

Budgam : Chief Minister Omar Abdullah Wednesday hit back at Narendra Modi, saying the BJP prime ministerial candidate should first end dynastic politics in his party and its allies before lecturing others.
“Let him end this (dynastic politics) in his own party, then he should lecture us. Let him start with Yashwant Sinha’s son and whole lot of others,” Omar told reporters after addressing the National Conference workers meeting here, 15 kms from Srinagar.
Omar said Modi should also end the dynastic politics in the parties which are part of NDA.
“Let him give this lecture to allies. Let him start with Akali Dal in Punjab and work his way onwards to Shiv Sena.
Once he ends, what he calls dynastic politics, amongst his own party and allies, then he should lecture others,” he said.
Omar, quoting famous English saying ‘People who live in glass houses should not throw stones at others’, said, “It applies first to Narendra Modi, then applies to others.”
National Conference chief and UPA Minister Farooq Abdullah, who is National Conference candidate from Srinagar Lok Sabha constituency, echoed Omar’s views, saying Modi should stop pointing fingers at others when his party is following the same practices.
“Let him finish the dynastic politics within his party.
He has a habit of lying. I want to remind him that if he points one finger at someone, three others are pointing at himself,” Abdullah said.
On Modi’s claim about the size of Lalkar Rally at Jammu on December 1 last year, Omar said the BJP leader had a habit of twisting the facts which are often far from the reality.
“Modi has habit of presenting the reality in his own perspective. What I had said was that there was a big difference between the expected size of the rally (on Dec 1) and what was actually seen on the day,” he said.
Omar said not much can be expected from a person, who aspires to be the Prime Minister of the country, but cannot be honest with its people.
“That man (Modi) wants to be the Prime Minister of the country. If he cannot be honest with common masses, how will he do justice with the chair of Prime Minister,” he added.
Omar also chided Modi for skipping Article 370 of the constitution during his election rally at Hira Nagar in Jammu province today.
“Last time he came to Jammu and Kashmir and he wanted a debate on Artilce 370. I responded by saying I am ready.
Today he ran away (from Article 370,” he added.
On the issue of corruption, Omar said Jammu and Kashmir had a strong accountability commission in place to check the menace.
“I would like to ask him (Modi) what he did in his own state with Lokayukta. Inspite of court strictures, he did not place a Lokayukta for almost a decade,” he said.
Omar said the Governor of Gujarat had to appoint a Lokayukta without the recommendation of the state government, which Modi Government then challenged in the court to have the Lokayukta removed.
“We have a very strong and very capable accountability commission in Jammu and Kashmir which is stronger than the Lokayukta in Gujarat. Therefore, it is again evident that he (Modi) takes facts and twists them to his own convenience, which is often far away from the situation on the ground,” he added.
Farooq Abdullah said India will turn into a dictatorship if Modi becomes India’s Prime Minister and urged the Congress to ensure that such an eventuality does not become reality.
“If Modi becomes the Prime Minister, India will become a dictatorial nation and only God knows who will survive that (his rule),” Abdullah, who is contesting the Lok Sabha polls from Srinagar constituency, told reporters after addressing the meeting.
He, however, said people have understood that Modi is a “dictator”.
“The way he has sidelined senior leaders of the party, it proves that this man wants only the Modi-Modi rant and he will damage the Hindu-Muslim-Sikh Christian amity in the country.
“To save ourselves from this (eventuality), we will have to keep him away from power,” he said.
Abdullah said there was every possibility post the Lok Sabha elections that a Third Front government backed by Congress may come to power at the Centre.
“There is every possibility of that. There will be a government which may be a combination of the Third Front and the UPA,” he said.
Abdullah said if need be, Congress should support such a formation at the Centre to keep the BJP Prime Ministerial candidate away.