1996: Jalil Andrabi’s Body Found in Jhelum

Noted lawyer and human rights defender Jalil Andrabi was arrested on March 8, 1996 by Major Avtar Singh of the Indian Army’s 35th Rashtriya Rifles. The Bar association filed a petition in the High Court seeking a direction to the concerned to produce the lawyer in the court. The Army did not respond. Instead, his body was recovered from the river Jhelum near the Kursu, Rajbagh quarter of Srinagar on March 27.. An autopsy showed that he had been killed days after his arrest.
A Srinagar court hearing the case had sought the help of the Interpol to trace the Army officer, but nothing moved. On June 9, 2012, Avtar Singh, 47, then living in Selma, California, killed his wife, two sons – 3-year-old Jay Singh, and 17-year-old Kanwarpal “Chris” Singh – and seriously wounded the third, 15-year-old Kanwaljeet “Aryan” Singh, with a handgun. He called the police to admit the killings and then shot and killed himself. The surviving son had severe head injuries. He was taken off life support in Community Regional Medical Center at Selma and died on June 14.

1952: Washington Cables US Consulate in Geneva
Secretary of State wires to the Consulate General at Geneva
“The American Consul is instructed as matter of urgency to contact Dr. Frank Graham, the UN Representative for India and Pakistan, who is now in Geneva and hand him (a) copy (of) this telegram and paraphrased copies reftels (telegrams under reference).
(With reference to) Karachi’s (telegram) 1085, (the State) Dept(artment) views Zafrulla’s comments to Ambassador Warren as encouraging (an) development fol(lowing) (the) apparently serious cabinet crisis (this) past weekend resulting from disappointment over (the) apparent lack of agreement re(garding) Kashmir and Graham’s departure (from) Karachi. Consequently, we believe it of utmost importance, if at all consistent with his thinking, that Graham take some further steps (with regard to) Kashmir to encourage possible bargaining by (the) parties which we believe (the) parties may now be prepared (to) enter into;
(The State) Department’s (telegram) 937 to Karachi indicates our suggestions (with regard to) possible specific proposals which Graham might make to both parties. We suggest that he consider simultaneous communication (of) such proposals or any alternative ones he believes (would be) preferable to both governments. Such communication might be made now or as part of (the) suggested procedure in the fol(lowing) paragraph;
Another course of action which Graham might pursue would be to indicate now to both parties (that) he (is) drafting his report and is planning (to) return to (the) subcontinent to present (the) draft report to both parties for their comments. Such (a) draft report might contain his specific proposals (with regard to) quantum of troops. Such (an) announcement now, and (the) indication that (the) report would be in draft only, would serve as sound ground for further negotiations with both parties either by Graham’s returning to (the) subcontinent or communicating with them from Geneva. (The) important thing is that (an) indication is made of (an) opportunity for further negot(iations) prior to (the) SC (Security Council) debate;
Our British colleagues have indicated to us apparent(ly) serious concern, which we do not share, that Graham may be inclined (to) discuss partition proposals either with (the) parties or in (his) report to (the) SC. They believe (that) such discussions at this stage would be diversionary from (the) main p(oin)t of negotiations, namely quantum troops. We believe it wise (to) p(oin)t out that (a) discussion (on) partition in (the) report, if not agreeable (to) both parties, would probably cause violent debate in (the) Security Council, particularly between parties.
We wish (to) underscore Zafrulla’s indication (that the) GOP (Government of Pakistan) places no significance to (the) Mar 31 deadline for Graham’s report. We (are) convinced that (the) SC debate on his report can be postponed pending further negotiations. Accordingly, Graham should not feel that (the) obligation to report by Apr 1 outweighs (the) desirability (of) last minute negotiations.
We (are) prepared, as indicated (in State) Dep(artmen)t tel(egram) 937 to Karachi, to give such parallel diplomatic support in Karachi and Delhi as he may believe wise. We are in constant communication with Brit(ish) colleagues on such possible courses of action.
FYI (For Your Information): You are instructed to communicate Graham’s reactions to (the) above and to (the) reftels (telegrams under reference) and you are to keep in close touch with your British colleague for possible future joint action. London (may) pl(ease) communicate info(rmation) (of) this tel(egram) to (the) FonOff (Foreign Office).