Indian, Pak fan makers bet on new govt to boost trade ties

NEW DELHI: Fan manufacturers from India and Pakistan are hoping that the upcoming general elections in India would bring a new government that would foster business ties between the two neighbours.
A 12-member delegation from Pakistan Electrical Fan Manufacturers Association (PEFMA) is currently touring India to understand Indian manufacturing processes and will visit factories at Rishikesh and Hyderabad.
“As a business community from Pakistan, we are trying to cement ties with our counterparts in India,” PEFMA President Taimur Rafiq told PTI. Compared to India, Pakistan has a small fan manufacturing industry, but both have their own strengths and can benefit from each other, he added. While the Indian fan industry is pegged at Rs 7,000 crore per annum, Pakistan industry is relatively small at around Rs 800 crore.
Due to restrictions, Indian manufacturers cannot export to fans to Pakistan, although the country exports around two million fans annually to other markets.
“We (Pakistan) also export in the range of 1.8 million to 2 million fans annually. So, even we have certain strength and we both can benefit from each other’s co-operation,” Rafiq added.