Farooq wants another ‘stint at Centre’ for son Omar

New Delhi: National Conference president Farooq Abdullah Tuesday said that he will be “serving the people of Jammu and Kashmir after elections and may not join the government at the Centre in case the UPA forms the government.
“The future is my son (Jammu and Kashmir Chief Minister Omar Abdullah). He should also have a stint at the Centre and not remain confined to the state politics only,” Abdullah told PTI in an interview here.
So in case UPA-III comes to power, would it mean a change of guard at the state, he was asked. “I am not commenting on any hypothetical situation. Let it happen and we will take stock of the situation and take a decision in the interest of the people,” he responded.
Abdullah also sought to put all speculation at rest about NC aligning with NDA if it comes to power, saying and his party will not be part of NDA in any form.
“Even if there is a change of leadership (NDA comes to power), National Conference will not be a part of it. We are happy with the UPA,” he said.
On allegations of Modi’s role in 2002 riots and that he had been given a clean chit by a magistrate, Abdullah said, “Let’s not get into this. The matter is pending in higher courts so what clean chit are we talking about.
“Besides this, I believe in the justice of Almighty. He will do justice one day Inshallah,” he said.
He said Muslims, as a minority community, were comfortable in secular India and always feared fascist forces.
“Every riot engineered by communal forces has left Muslims scared across the length and breadth of this country and, God fearing, if such communal forces come to power, it may instill more fear and only fear.”
Abdullah, who will turn 77 later this year, also asked his state’s main opposition PDP to take off the mask of being well wishers of the people of the state. “Statements of their senior leaders show that they have already entered into an understanding with the BJP.”
The PDP, all these years, has been busy in engineering a misunderstanding between National Conference and Congress and finally when every such effort failed “the PDP decided to go with the BJP. They don’t mind joining hands with anyone for their greed for power,” he said.—PTI