Indian Army short of ammunition, won’t sustain war for more than 20 days: Report

New Delhi: The Indian Army, the world’s second largest standing Army, is reportedly running low on ammunition.
A report published in the ‘Times of India’ says, the Army won’t be able to sustain a full-fledged war for more than 20 days.
The report stated that the Army comprising 1.18 million soldiers lacks sufficient amount of ammunition, tanks, air defence, artillery units and also soldiers. The Army, however, has not yet acknowledged the ammunition shortage.
As per the standard procedure followed in the Army, war wastages reserves (WWR) should be sufficient for 40 days of intense fighting, with three weeks set aside for ammunition with shorter shelf-life.
Army Chief Bikram Singh had recently said that the Army should have 50 per cent WWR and three years of training ammunition by 2015 only if the budgetary allocation is increased.—Agencies