1952: Washington Cables Embassy in Pakistan

“Please take (the) earliest opportunity (to) ascertain from Graham (the) latest GOI (Government of India) position (with regard to the) quantum and/or ratio of troops (to be left in Kashmir) at (the) end (of) demilitarization. On (the) basis (of) available info(rmation), (the State) Depar(tment) (is) under (the) impression (that) there may still be room for additional pressure either by (the) US and (the) UK Representatives in New Delhi or by Graham himself in view (of the) Indians’ past indications (that the) figure of 21,000  (is) not necessarily final.

2. The State Department is also under (the) impression (that) Graham has not yet discussed concrete proposals (with regard to the) quantum (of) troops, and believes such (a) discussion (to be) essential. State Department suggestions to follow.

3. The State Department strongly hopes (that) Graham will, for (the) present, reserve (his) decision (with regard to) departure for Geneva.

4. (With reference to) Zafrullah’s inquiry (of the) possibility (of) US-UK sponsorship of Art(icle) 37 action, you may tell him (that the) US position will be governed largely by (the) nature and content (of the) Graham report.

5. (The) Brit(ish) Embassy in Wash(ington)  (is) alerting London (about) this tel(egram). (The US) Emb(assy) (in) London may please imm(ediately) inform (the FonOff (Foreign Office) and (the) CRO who will presumably tele(gram) comments and instr(uction)s to (the) UKHC (United Kingdom High Commission) (in) Karachi. (The US) Embassy in Karachi (may) please consult (the) UKHC.


Massive Rigging in LA Elections
1987: The National Conference, supported by official machinery, resorted to massive rigging and booth capturing to further vandalize the institution of elections.  The NC emerged victorious but, in the process, changed Kashmir for good.  According to some people, March 23, 1987, proved a turning point in Kashmir history.