Vanishing unipolarity

Letter to editor

Dear Editor
With Russia and Crimean people steadfastly holding onto the universal right to self-determination in defiance of NATO threats and arm-twisting, it won’t be beyond the point to say that the unipolar world order anchored by America is on the verge of collapse. This observation is attested by the fact that the proxy NATO forces have been handed over a thundering defeat in the strategic region of Yabroud in Syria. This translates to another glaring fact that some western rogue regimes can no longer impose their will on sovereign and non-submissive nations. George Bush’s ‘with us or without us’ slogan is slowly dying its own death. His country has recently played some very shrewd but murky and cunning games to destroy many countries in the east and middle-east. Look at what they did to Syria. First they raised and funded a terror group in Afghanistan, then fought against it and then again backed them in Syria to unroll their imperialist agenda there thus killing thousands and thousands of innocents in the name of championing democracy and republican values. It should and must appeal to our reason and question our biased mental manoeuvring that why are western powers hand in glove with autocratic regimes of Bahrain and Saudi Arabia (to name a few) on one hand and on the other up against some semi-democratic regimes. Our silence on issues like these just because these are powerful countries, just because these are our holy sites are pilgrimage is criminal and reeks of our faith not in God but the iron-fisted Pharaohs of this era.
The recent geopolitical events like resilience and resistance of Putin’s Russia, that by the people and army of Syria, by Lebanon and Hezbollah and not to forget Iran, Bolivia, Cuba and China , all have collectively brought multipolarity and resistance against imperialist hegemony to centre-stage. These certainly are the twilight days of the empire of tyranny and oppression. While we celebrate this imminent downfall of the western hegemony, it’s apt to say that in this time and era when many a sensible state have woken up to the reality of the unilateral terror campaign of the west, there unfortunately are many Muslim dominated countries which play into the hands of neo-imperialist brigade of America and Israel. The people’s revolutions in these dictatorial and autocratic states have been suppressed and people continue to find themselves at the receiving end of terror and torture by their own leaders, by their own people. History is replete with examples of how the tyranny and oppression have faced deplorable ends no matter how big, high and mighty the tyrannical forces were.
Kashmir also continues to be at the receiving end of a big imperialist agenda. Forces of the foreign occupation continue their trigger-happy sail on the blood of innocents. But know they must that freedom has no other name; that there is a limit to terror and oppression. And that Freedom is freedom!

Sheikh Anjum Husain
Sofipora Pahalgam

One Response to "Vanishing unipolarity"

  1. SYED TAFAZAL HUSSAIN MADNI   March 23, 2014 at 12:09 am

    Excellent. Keep it up. Truth shall prevail and let the world be on the side of the righteous ones.