SHRC seeks reports on ‘harassment’ of businessman by SIDCO officials

Srinagar: State Human Rights Commission (SHRC) has asked Commissioner Secretary to Government, Industries and Commerce Department; Managing Director J&K, SIDCO and District Industries Centre (DIC), Budgam to submit reports regarding the alleged harassment of Abdul Hamid Bhat , Chief Executive Officer (CEO) ofRahim Group of Companies, by SIDCO officials.

“Let in the first instance, detailed report be sought from Commissioner Secretary to Government, Industries & Commerce Department, J&K SIDCO, Corporate Office, DIC, Budgam, Managing Director SIDCO Srinagar who be supplied with a copy of the complaint and the supporting material therewith,” Rafiq Fida, Acting Chairman of SHRC, said in an order.
The SHRC has also sought  response from Mohammad Mauzam Sofi, Managing Director SIDCO and Sajad Rasool Qadri, Ex-General Manager regarding the matter.
“In order to give a fair chance of hearing to them, they are directed to file their personal responses to the allegations levelled against them in the complaint, a copy of which be provided to both of them for them for the purpose,” the order said.
Regarding the contents of the complaint, the order also said that the complainant Abdul Hamid Bhat had filed his grievance before the commission that he had been undergoing “continuous harassment and mental torture” at the hands of Managing Director and Ex-General Manager, SIDCO  since 2007.
The complainant was harassed with such a severity and cruelty that he at times was forced to take extreme step of taking his own life, the order said.
The SHRC order also added that the complainant appears to belong to an agricultural family who being a school dropout started his business career as scooter mechanic to an internationally recognised entrepreneur.
The order added that, given his hard work and struggle towards the success, the complainant deserves encouragement from the state government.
“But to sheer disappointment and official apathy, the complainant, who deserved official espousal, support and encouragement, has, prima facie, been subjected to mental trauma, personal vengeance and retribution by the authorities at the helm of affairs in SIDCO,” said the order.
“The contents of the complaint prima facie disclose a case of human rights violations and the case is, as such, admitted and is listed for next hearing on April 07,” the order added.
According to complainant, he had purchased a jam and jelly manufacturing unit, M/S Dale Agro India at industrial estate, Barzulla from its proprietor, Furqan Ahmad Rather on September 19, 2006 with a sale deed executed on February 05, 2007, so as to establish his automobile workshop there.
“ But despite the clarification from General Manager, DIC, Budgam that the unit is a proprietary concern of Furqan and there is already automobile workshop in the industrial estate premises, SIDCO is adopted dillydallying tactics in issuing him No-Objection Certificate (NoC),” said the complainant.
He also said that the SIDCO, General Manager, Kashmir, Mohammad Mauzam and Senior Manager, Land Allotment, Sajad Rasool informed the a person namely Nissar-ul-Allah Mir who claims to have partnership with Furqan in M/S Dale Agro India has got stay order on the sale of the unit.
“But despite making it clear through documents and court orders that Nissarr-ul-Allah does have partnership with Furqan for a unit M/S Dale Agro Industries instead of M/S Dale Agro India, which does not even exist in industrial estate, Barzulla, SIDCO authorities did not issue NoC in my favor,” said the complainant.
He said that the SIDCO authorities did not even provide information regarding the case to him even through RTI and did not even respond to Chief Information Commissioner who on January 01, 2014 has asked them to clarify their stand on misleading the appellant within 15 days.