In London to speak on ‘Indian democracy,’ Khursheed heckled over ‘ignoring’ Kashmir

SRINAGAR: A video showing India’s  External Affairs Minister Salman Khursheed getting an earful from Kashmiri students during a lecture on Indian democracy at the School Of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS) University of London has gone viral on social networking sites.
On March 12, Salman Khursheed was invited to SOAS, London to talk about Indian democracy. However, the video shows  two Kashmiri students interrupting    Khursheed’s speech over “ignoring” the Kashmir issue.
The students are seen ridiculing  the minister’s statement on calling ‘India as an example of bringing peace in the world’. Referring to the statement as bull%$@#, one of the students says, “There is no peace in India. If we look at Central India or Kashmir, we find peace nowhere.”
The students accuse the  minister of  ignoring Kashmir time and again. “In October, 2013 when Pakistan suggested having US intervention, it was you who came out and said that we don’t need any external intervention to solve any issues of our integral part. You have been ignoring Kashmir again and again,” one of the  student tells the minister.
Another student is seen asking  Khursheed whether there was anything democratic about a state which is the most militarized zone in the world to which the minster replies , “I know you are concerned for Kashmir, you should be, you should be. Believe it or not we all are concerned about Kashmir.”
The student also rebuts   Khursheed’s  statement that the sedition charges on Kashmiris in UP were dropped because of his intervention.  “The charges weren’t dropped because you opposed it. They were dropped because Kashmiris spoke out and international media picked it up. Because of international pressures making your democracy look like a farce, you were forced to drop the charges,” the student says.
The Kashmiri students had also prepared a memorandum regarding Kashmir dispute to be presented to the Minister. However, the event which was organized by South Asian Institute of SOAS came to an abrupt end after Salman Khursheed refused to answer any questions regarding Kashmir.