CRPF to create new unit for VIP security

New Delhi: World’s largest para-military force–CRPF– will soon set up an exclusive 3,000 commando- strong team to protect growing number of VIPs in the country.
Already embattled fighting Naxalites in nine states and conducting anti-insurgency operations in Jammu and Kashmir and the Northeast, CRPF said a decision has been taken to carve out three battalions separately where personnel will be extremely careful with protocols. One battalion comprises around a 1,000 personnel.
Recently, the para-military force was entrusted with the security of RIL Chairman Mukesh Ambani. Union Ministers V Narayanasamy and Manish Tewari were also included in the charter of CRPF’s ‘Z+’ category protection.
The force, at present, has 35 protectees in its VIP security net. In ‘Z’ and ‘Z+’ categories, around 90 to 120 personnel are required.
“We have decided to create an exclusive VIP protection unit in the force with a dedicated manpower of three battalions. The number of protectees under the force are growing and, hence, we wanted to standardise protocols in this regard and to effectively render this duty,” Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF) Chief Dilip Trivedi told PTI.
The Director General, who heads the over 241 battalion- strong force, said CRPF has a number of VVIPs and VIPs under its security umbrella across the country and, therefore, it wanted to create an expertise in this domain.
CRPF personnel are trained in counter-insurgency and anti-Naxal combat operations apart from regular law and order duties but in this new setup, a team of 3,000 personnel will have a different learning alltogether which includes saving and preventing an attack on the VIP, he said.