Crime Branch establishes Jammu link to CET scam

Srinagar: The Crime Branch of Police Monday said that it has been able to track sole Jammu-based beneficiary of fraud engineered by former chairman of Mushtaq Ahmad Peer Board of Professional Entrance Examination (BOPEE) against huge monetary consideration and credited technology for it.
In its status report, the Crime Branch emphasised that modulus operandi has gone hi-tech and the mobile phone used by the criminal while committing any crime turns out to be an instrument quite akin to Global Positioning System, which tracks the movement of user through the CDR log stored in the servors with service providers.
“The investigating agency has been able to track the sole accused candidate from Jammu with the help of CDR (call details record),” the Crime Branch said, underling that the CDR are the credible and scientific evidence to locate and link the accused.
“Surprisingly, one of the accused candidates Imtiyaz-ul-Hussain Shah had accessed the whole question paper through telecom tele-con during the nights preceding the exam days. The accused sub-broker M Amin Ganie read over the whole question papers to Shah through the cell number of his father. The call records detail out continuous conversation between two for two hours and 48 minutes in the night intervening June 22-23, 2012 for Physic and Chemistry papers and about 55 minutes on following night for biology paper,” the Crime Branch said.
It said that when the candidate and his father were confronted, they were in continuous denial mode about the deal settled for Rs 22 lakhs.
“Another instance of importance of mobile phone call details helped the investigation agency in pinning down two candidates who had been provided the same (question papers) by one of their close relatives just to share the financial burden of the payment,” the Crime Branch said, adding, “in this case the broker even remained oblivious to co-sharing of his question papers by two more candidates while the question paper was handed over for use of one candidate only.”
It was merely use of call details, Crime Branch said, which helped it to bring to fore the intra-family sharing of the question papers.
“The importance of call details assume greater importance in the investigating the possible links in the conduct of CET 2009, 2010 and 2011,” Advocate General M I Qadri, representing the Crime Branch, told a division bench of Justices Hasnain Massodi and Dhiraj Singh Thakur, hearing a Public Interest Litigation initiated by it.
In this backdrop, the court asked the Crime Branch to convey the telecom companies about its requirements within two days.
“The telecom companies will respond accordingly whether or not they can provide the details,” the court said. The cellular companies, who appeared before court, have been asked to specify reasons in case they cannot furnish the call details to the Crime Branch.
The bench also asked the BOPEE, which was represented by advocate G A Lone, to notify 21 candidates, who could have made it to merit list but for the fraud, about the vacancies.
“Notify them and ask them to indicate their willingness or otherwise about the vacancies. Let first exercise is completed first,” the bench said.
The direction by the court followed the reply by advocate Lone that the BOPEE was finding it to difficult to accommodate the 21 candidates.
“As per stakeholders, BDS and MBBS courses have syllabus same for six month only, and then it is different. Second difficultly is that they can be accommodated in 2014 and there is no other possibility.”
Meanwhile, the Crime ranch also informed the court that it was investigating house/plot purchased by the former BOPEE chairman Mushtaq Ahmad Peer.