dapaan.com: Kashmir gets its first spoof website

SRINAGAR: For those who enjoy pun, this might serve as a delicious delight. In a never before, Kashmir Valley has got its own unique spoof website titled,  ‘dapaan.com’. The website is strictly about spoof and satire and claims to have no resemblance with facts.
The website offers a distinctive variety of spoof writings on different aspects of society ranging from politics to business and cricket.
‘Dapaan’ is a Kashmiri word loosely translated as ‘it is said’. The word dapaan is more than often used by speakers to relate anything from fact to fiction, news or rumour.
“While we were deciding the potential names, one among us suggested dapaan and it stuck instantly. Dapaan seemed to be the perfect name for a website of this kind for the reason that Kashmiris use this word frequently while narrating a lie or a rumour or even a fact,” dapaan team told Kashmir Reader.
The team behind dapaan.com is a group of 3-5 people who belong to the field of Journalism. However, the team prefers to remain unidentified as of now.
“We are a team of three to five people. And it is anybody’s guess that we are journalists. The reason why we want to remain anonymous is because anonymity is integral to the efficacy of spoof. Besides, we want to be judged solely by the content of writing and not by our identity,” the team members say.
Having drawn inspiration from leading satire websites ‘Onion’ and ‘Faking News’, the idea of ‘dapaan’ was conceived last summer. “It so happened that we were discussing some articles from Faking News and Onion and we just thought if we could try for a Kashmir-based spoof website. Though we had apprehension whether we will be able to pull it off well as nobody among us had a background in satire writing,” the team members say.
The website was launched last month and has instantly become a massive hit amongst many in Kashmir. “We had hoped to go slow, but the sheer response and acceptance among people is propelling us. We are trying to keep up the expectations,” said the team.
The team believes that their endeavor has exposed a vast craving for such medium in Kashmir. “Suddenly we see many people are trying to experiment with this format of writing. There is a lot of scope for spoof in Kashmir. And we are sure any reservations we may have had towards this medium will disappear, once it gets popular in Kashmir,” added the team.