CAG grills transport department over poor monitoring

Srinagar: Inadequate tax collection, poor system of reviewing and targeting defaulting motorists by State transport department are a few of the findings of the Comptroller and Auditor General (CAG) in an audit carried out on the collection of motor vehicle taxes, fees and fines by the said  department .
As on March 2013 a total of 1020786 vehicles were registered in the state with the Department and during the years 2010-11 to 2012-13, there was shortfall of Rs 19.23 crore against the target of Rs 380.8 crore, CAG said in its latest report.
“There is no MIS (Management Information System) mechanism in place to monitor of tax due, realised and outstanding in respect of various vehicle, viz token tax, grant or renewal of route permits, conductor licenses,” the CAG said, underling that a well formulated MIS in an organization captures important dynamic information to aggregate and classify data for conversion into useful exception reports to bring the notice of the top management for remedial action.
As on March 2013, it said, a total of 1020786 vehicles were registered with the Department while as the data on the website shows number at 737577.
“The position of renewal of trade certificates of the dealers, licences for driving schools and issue of preferential registration numbers had also not been monitored by the department.”
The position of outstanding token tax had not been monitored by the department. However, it said, in test checked offices in ARTO and RTO Jammu, an amount of Rs 3.19 crore on account of token tax was outstanding from 7123 vehicles as of March 2013 for a period ranging between three months and 69 months.
“Audit check of records of Transport Commissioner showed that out of 17093 national permits for goods carriage 1391 permits (Jammu:1039; Kashmir: 352) due for renewal during the years 2010-11 to 2012-13 were not renewed as on March 2013, resulting in non-recovery of ‘home state authorization fee’ along with the renewal fee to the extent of Rs 24.64 lakhs.”
On account of non-renewal of permits of Jammu and Kashmir State Transport Corporation, the CAG has pointed out outstanding permit fee at Rs 31.28 lakhs as on March 2013.
Regarding non-renewal of certificates of fitness of vehicles, the CAG said, a test check at ARTO Udhampur showed that 404 permits due for renewal for last one to 12 years had not been renewed.
“The outstanding in test checked office was Rs 2.51 lakh with additional fee of Rs 17.75 lakhs on account of belated renewals.”
In the overall test checked offices, the CAG said, an amount of Rs 39.11 lakh was outstanding in respect of 4245 vehicles as on March 2013.
Regarding Passenger Welfare Fund, the CAG has pointed out that against Rs 7.10 crore due from owners of 51478 commercial vehicles, only Rs 2.34 crore was realised during 2010-11 to 2012-13.
“Further against Rs 2.34 crore realized, only 1.41 crore had been credited to the Fund account causing a loss of  Rs 93 lakhs,” the CAG said, adding, “The non-crediting  of amount had not been investigated by the department.”
Concluding the report , the CAG said the taxes due, realized and outstanding in respect of different categories of vehicles, is not being monitored by the department.
“The field units of the Department do not have readily available information and proper system of reviewing and targeting defaulting motorists. The proceed in respect of bank drafts remitted into the Bank during the period of 2010-13 by RTO Jammu were not realized as on March 2013.”