Ladakh legislators demand azadi from Kashmir

JAMMU:  The Legislative Council on Monday adopted a resolution for creating separate Ladakh division after legislators from Ladakh sought a separate division for the region, saying Ladkahis are facing inconvenience for being with the Kashmir valley.
“This august House resolves that in order to provide proper administration control over the largest region of Jammu and Kashmir, a separate Ladakh division may be created,” Nurboo Gialchan, a member of Legislative council from Ladakh said while moving his resolution.
Gialchan said the people of Ladakh region were facing incontinence for being with Kashmir division, because both the regions are hundreds of kilometers from each other. “This kind of distance is the biggest hurdle in development in our region,” he said.
“Our area has always been neglected and underdeveloped. People face problems because of larger distances between Kashmir and Ladakh. We remain cut off from rest of the Kashmir division for six months. This is our decades-old demand and time has come to give separate Ladakh division,” he said.
The resolution was supported by another legislator from the Ladakh region, Agha Syed Ali Rizvi.
However, the government opposed the resolution and asked the member to withdraw it.
“Ladakh is on the path of progress and development. All the three regions of the state are getting equal shares of development. There is no need to give any separate division for Ladakh,” Minister for Planning and Development Ajay Sadhotra said.
However, as Gialchan refused to withdraw his resolution, the House went for voting; while five members voted in favour of the resolution, four voted against it.
“This is our right and I will press for the resolution. And I expect everyone in the House will support this resolution,” Gialchan said.
Deputy Chairman LC, Ajatshatru Singh declared that the motion stands adopted.
In recent times, there have been calls for Union Territory status for Ladakh which is the largest region of the state in terms of land mass with 117,000 sq km area having 2.80 lakh population and a density of 3.1 per sq km.