Of Love Letters, Chat and SMS

When they met, Mughal-e-Azam had already created a stir in the subcontinent. jab pyaar kiya tuo darna kya had inspired many a buchi to elope with her boyfriend. Poor parents would find the `suicide note’ the next morning. But the lovebirds did not cause embarrassment to their parents by taking the extreme step. They played it cool and exchanged beautiful letters till they tied the knot…and realised that the relationship they cherished was not worth the pain they had undergone for so many years.

Both of them preserved their love letters in the original.  Romeo’s, neatly-stapled, were found thirty-six years after their marriage. Needless to say, the treasure made a tasty read. But Juliet’s letters are missing. After much coaxing and cajoling, she shared her secret with a family member:

“I torched my letters. But I could not destroy his. Something happened deep inside my chest, forcing me to snuff out the flames.”

The `eternal’ knot, to the dismay of both, turned out to be a marriage of inconvenience. Several times they even prepared their divorce papers, but something prevented them from executing it. Almost every day they would resort to a verbal dual. One day, in a fit of rage, Juliet took out her letters and set them on fire.

“What a fool I have been. Today I realize my mistake. I do not know how I could have written such nonsense.”

She is right. While writing a love letter, one does not know what one is writing, and why. But modern-day Romeos and Juliets do not write love letters. There are modern gadgets to help them. They chat, they use the cell phone, they meet frequently, and what not. But jo maaza letter likhney main tha who chat main kahan. Anyway, the modern generation will never know it.

Sheru  is confused. Juliet accepted her mistake after thirty-six years. By burning her letters, she made clear that she hated the person she once loved so much. But she finds it very difficult to destroy her boyfriend’s (now husband) letters. And without any reservation she admits something deep inside her chest happened that prevented her from doing so. Isn’t it an admission? She still loves him and that is the beauty of their relationship. But when will they realise it? Sheru wishes them good luck.

Clear directions have been issued to all family members to keep Sheru away from the treasure. But Sheru knows his job well. Someday, Sheru will lay his hands on them and tell readers more about those `golden times’ when the mahboob would take years together to get to hold the hands of his mahbooba.