Tearful Salad

Tears are a strong medium of expression. They reveal what a person desperately tries to conceal. Poets have a special fascination for tearful eyes. bheegi palkain have found place in some of the most reputed diwaans. Chacha Ghalib has made a mention of tears repeatedly, and so have other great poets. Some of them have even gone to the extent of saying to their mahboob: teri aankh key aansoo pii ja voon, aisi meri taqdeer kahan (I am not lucky enough to drink your tears).

Tears can be classified as:

Khushi Kay Aansoo: This kind of tears is misleading. When a person has a smile on his lips but tears in his eyes.

Crocodile Tears: Cunning people shed these tears very often to strike a chord. Politicians also moisten their eyes occasionally. People get influenced by such tears, but a time comes when they make no difference. The person who sheds these tears is taken to task. He is beaten to pulp or ridiculed so much that real tears come out of his/her tears.

Baikul Aush: When tears come out of the eyes without any reason, or when a person weeps for the wrong cause. In 1996 when the `democratic’ government was installed, the chief minister wept. He said: “I am overwhelmed. The whole country is with me.” Had he made a mention of the people who got killed and shed a few tears for them, he would have become a hero. But perhaps he had no genuine tears in his eyes that time.

Painful Tears: Sometimes tears bring pain to the eyes. When a person cuts an onion, tears come out. These tears hurt the eyes. Sheru has seen a buchi shedding tears while taking a puff. When asked for the reason, she said: “Actually I do not know how to smoke. The fumes from the cigarette go into my eyes and tears come out.” Sheru had a lesson to learn. One must know the art of smoking.

Zabardasti Kay Aansoo: Some people stress their eye balls so much that tears come out.  cheerith aush kadun (forcing tears from eyes).  A special breed of people can shed such tears.  According to Sheru’s relative, Aslam Bhai, such people are found across Kashmir. It seems such people have given some tough moments to Aslam Bhai. Sheru feels sorry for him.

Genuine Tears: When a person is in grief or pain, his or her eyes shed tears. The pain can be physical or psychological. Sheru knows three buchies who used to weep for their boyfriends who ignored them. One day they decided to have a nice time. “Nobody shall weep,” a resolution was passed. But how could they refrain from discussing their beydardi boyfriends. And when the topic came up, all of them started weeping. Allah raham karay.

And last but not the least, there are nadamat kay aansoon. Such tears change lives and bring Allah’s blessings. But very few people can shed them.

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