Laa Jawaab or Laa Sawaal?

The other day, while watching television, Sheru came across a beautiful buchi. She said she was a la jawaab hasina. Sheru did not agree with her. La jawaab is a negative term. So far as Sheru’s understanding of the word goes, it means that thehasina (girl) has no answers to questions raised about her beauty because she is la jawaab. She should have used the term la sawaal instead. If she believes she is perfect, the possibility of questions simply does not arise.

The masters of Urdu language may not agree with Sheru. But then, people know Sheru does not care. When Sheru says it isla sawaal it is la sawaal. Sheru can prove it with an example. A teacher in a classroom asks students if they have any questions. Then the students pose questions if they have any. Never does the teacher ask the students if they have any answers. The teacher is supposed to provide the answer. So if the students ask questions, the teacher has to do a lot of explaining. To put it plainly, the questions convey that the teacher has not conveyed it properly and his teaching, therefore, isla sawaal.

Similarly the buchi Sheru is talking about must have undertaken strenuous exercise sessions to look perfect. She must have starved herself for months together to achieve the target. But then she spoiled the show by an improper use of words. At the end of her training, she still is la jawaab. Sheru advises her to work hard for a couple of months to look la sawaal.


Another example can make things clearer. When the Taj was constructed, nobody had any questions. It was a perfect piece of art. Had people raised questions, the emperor would have demolished the structure there and then. Since there were no questions, the emperor okayed the project and it still remains a visual feast.

By raising a question, a person actually suspects the perfection of a work of art, or the beauty of a person. The moon is beautiful but it is not la sawaal. It has dark patches all over that mar its beauty. The moon has no answers. It is not in a position to explain the presence of dark patches on its surface; meaning thereby, it is la jawaab.

A work of art is in itself an invitation for questions. People look at it from various angles, depending upon their perception and understanding. If questions about its perfection are raised, the artist feels a pinch deep inside his chest for his failure to create a la sawaal piece.

Some people believe Ash has the most beautiful eyes in the world. According to them, her eyes are la sawaal. But Sheru saw a black cat taking pieces of left over bread from his bin. Sheru was surprised to see its eyes. It seemed as if Ash had donated her eyes to the cat. Sheru was shocked. Ash’s eyes are not la sawaal.