CM: Demands for new admin units to be considered

Jammu:   Chief Minister Omar Abdullah on Wednesday said his government will constitute a committee to look into the ‘genuine demands’ of incorporating “left out areas” into the list of newly formed administrative units in the state.
“We have formed the new administrative units with good faith for the welfare of the people, but some areas deserving the status of such units may have been left out by the Cabinet Sub-Committee. There may be genuine demands from such areas now. So I will form a committee which will submit its report before the cabinet within three months and their demands will be fulfilled accordingly,” Omar said.
He was addressing the Legislative Assembly after discussion on the motion of thanks on Governor N N Vohra’s address to both Houses of the legislature.
Omar said that after the committee submits its report, the cabinet members will decide about their demands and the genuine demands of the people.
He made the announcement after the ruckus created by the opposition parties on third consecutive day in the House against the exclusion of certain areas into the list of newly formed administrative units in the state.
Hitting out at People’s Democratic Party (PDP), whose members were not present in the House, Omar said the party has developed the habit of creating ruckus in the House and oppose every good move of the government.
“They don’t want to listen or let anyone speak which they don’t like. They have developed the habit of creating ruckus in the House by breaking tables and chairs and dancing over them. If they think that they are making people happy with it they are mistaken,” said Omar.
He also condemned PDP for protesting in a manner that led Governor Vohra to cut short his speech. “It is a matter of shame for all honorable members. People don’t send us here to throw chairs, tables and fans but to get their voices heard, to get answers to their questions.”
He said that if they are genuine they should not raise voices only, but make a clear argument and discuss it with the government inside the House. “But they only want to speak outside the House. They don’t have any argument to counter the government inside the House. This shows their failure and our success,” said Omar.
He said his government created new administrative units “only to fill the gap between the government and the people, bring new accountability system into place and make responsible government.”
“Few weeks back some people opposed our decision of creation of such units, but today after watching the behavior of the people they have starting sending messages that we have done good work and their assessment about it was wrong,” said Omar.
He said that PDP opposed the decision of Ghulam Nabi Azad to create eight new districts in the state when they were running a coalition government with his party.
“You can ask Congress member how they opposed Azad Sahib’s decision of creating new districts in the state and tried to put pressure on him. It is not because they did not want new districts, but with the thought that why did not his party took this decision,” said Omar.
He said that PDP has learnt only to brag about their development work and contest elections through propaganda only. “I think my government should take propaganda lessons from them.”
“A lie repeated several times becomes a truth, and I myself had become a victim of their lies and their propaganda. If they deliver 10 paisa, they project it like they deliver a rupee, and if we deliver a rupee, they project as if we haven’t even delivered 10 paisa,” Omar said.
Omar said that PDP has also propagated that there is a “deceptive calm” or an “enforced calm” in Kashmir, and over a period of time he himself thought that it was true.
“I began thinking that it is true and I must have put thousands of people into jails to enforce this clam; at least thousands must have been put in jails for enforcing this calm, but after receiving an information I learnt that there are only 2,396 people in different jails of the state and only 30 cases of PSA, most of them involved in timber smuggling and other such cases,” said Omar.
“In 2010, of 1811 cases registered against the youth, 230 were cleared for providing amnesty of which cases of 228 were withdrawn,” he said. He said that during last three years 3.07 lakh passports had been cleared after the CID clearance.
Highlighting some developmental works of his government during last five years, Omar said that since 1947 to 2008, state was producing 750 MW of electricity only, but during last five years of his government he has increased the power generation capacity of the state to 1500 MW.
“Besides, we are working on the project of generating thousands of mega watts of solar energy in Ladakh and 500 mega watts of thermal energy,” said Omar.