Sack all tainted ministers, officials: KCDS

Srinagar: The Kashmir Centre for Social and Development Studies (KCSDS) has demanded sacking of all “tainted ministers and government functionaries accused of any criminal conduct including shameful acts of sexual harassment and abuse of power.”
Commenting on the resignation of Shabir Khan on the alleged charges of sexual harassment , KCSDS members said that the action was incomplete till all ministers involved in heinous crimes of rape, molestation, corruption, nepotism and extortion are sacked. “KCSDS demands opening of and expediting the cases of all tainted ministers including the present one for thorough and time bound impartial investigation by the Crime Branch and other such agencies under the supervision and control of State High Court,” it said in a statement.
KCSDS also blamed Government of India for “promoting a culture of criminality among the mighty and powerful government functionaries, armed forces and others facilitating its oppressive and subjugating policies in the state.”
“KCSDS observes with pain that the government functionaries as well as the armed forces in the state have been given a free hand to abuse their powers under the garb of national security and jingoistic nationalism,” the statement said.
“It is painful to note that GOI turned down the recommendations of Justice Verma Commission about deleting the provision of impunity given to armed forces for rape and sexual harassment under the draconian Armed Forces Special Powers Act (AFSPA).
Almost all ministers imposed by New Delhi on the state have been allegedly involved in serious crimes of rape, molestation, nepotism, conspiracy and dereliction of duty continue to hold their posts with absolute blessings from the Government of India,” it said.
“The Chief Minister cannot shun his moral responsibility in all these cases as he has failed to ensure that public institutions maintain their credibility and only individuals of highest integrity and impeccable record are given responsibility as ministers or bureaucrats,” the statement said.