Naqli Thaph, Naqli Maharaaz


Early in the morning on a sunny day in 2009, the manzim yuor (marriage broker) gave them a ring. “They have accepted the proposal. Get ready for the thaph (ring ceremony). I will come today,” he said.  The kori moul (girl’s father) was delighted, and so were other members of the family.

The manzim yuor was accorded a warm welcome.  The prospective groom and the bride had seen each other a few days ago. Now everything was settled. A day was fixed for the thaph.

The elated buchi called her friends. They went to the market to buy her bridal robes.   They returned late, but nobody scolded them that day. The day of the thaph arrived. The buchi was taken to the fixed place by her mother and brother. The groom arrived in time. He was looking great. The groom handed over a beautiful ring to the bride, and rishta pakka hogaya.

But this is where the problem started. A few days later, the groom’s father arrived. He had three gold coins with him, which he gave to the bride. The manzim yuor came the next morning. The kori moul gave him six gold coins for the groom. For one year, the two families exchanged valuables. The manzim yuor always deferred the visit of the kori moul to the groom’s place on one pretext or the other. The kori moul grew suspicious. One fine morning, he went out without informing the manzim yuor. He knocked at the door. A woman answered. Good God! It was not the groom’s house. The shocked kori moul came out and had a good look at the house. It was the same house which the manzim yuor had shown him. He went to the shopkeeper who had assured him of the groom’s reliability. He could not find him. The man sitting at the counter refused to recognize him. The kori moul realized his mistake. He had not talked to the owner of the shop. He had talked to a person who was standing there. Most probably he was also a member of the manzim yuor’s gang.

With his head as heavy as lead, the kori moul went home and narrated the dukhi story to his wife. The buchi started weeping. The search for the manzim yuor began then and there. He was missing. Later, the kori moul came to know that the manzim yuor headed a gang of thugs. The groom was a member.

Finally the thug was found. He was given a sound thrashing, but the gold ornaments could not be retrieved from him. Now he pays installments to the kori moul.