Trans-world Muslim University: JAH eyes upcoming budget session of assembly

SRINAGAR: Socio-religious organization Jamiat-e-Ahlihadth (JAH)Thursday said that its all focus was on the upcoming budget session of Jammu and Kashmir legislative assembly and that the organization hoped to get government nod to establish Trans-world Muslim University (TMU).
“The new leadership of Jamait has its own stand on TMU issue and we will not come on roads,” JAH president, Ghulam Muhammad Bhat said during a press conference here at Barbarshah headquarters of the organization.
“Instead we will try our best to settle the issue through political and legal means,” he said.
“We are eyeing on the upcoming budget session and are confident that this time government will not let us down,” he added.
He said that JAH’s university is planned as Rs 200 Crore multi-disciplinary institution with a stated mission to “suit and serve the modern world through the quality and impactful education and research in the field of medicine, science and technology with emphasis on spirits of Islamic theology and principles.”
“All these merits will help us this time to get a nod from the government,” he said.
Bhat reiterated that JAH will not participate or support elections.
“Jamiat believes that solution of Kashmir does not lie in elections but its solution lies either in UN Resolutions or tripartite talks,” he said.
Speaking on the occasion, JAH general secretary, Abdul Latif Alkandi said that the organization was a socio-religious organization which works within the tenants of Islam.
“Our organization is working for the betterment of Muslims and we have started a diagnostic centre in the interest of people and soon a medical store will be opened so that poor people could be benefited,” he said.