‘Kangri hurled at actors Irrfan, Shahid ’

Srinagar: Bollywood actors Shahid Kapoor and Irrfan were attacked with a fire pot while the duo was shooting for Vishal Bharadwaj’s ‘Haider’ in Kashmir, report said Tuesday.
A youth threw a fire pot (Kangri) on the actors even as the police controlled the crowd and shooting for a sequence of the movie went on smoothly.
“The shooting was in progress and both Shahid Kapoor and Irrfan were moving towards a car when suddenly somebody from crowd threw a Kangri (fire pot) which hit Irrfan and the ash whirling in air touched Shahid Kapoor as well,” reports quoted an eye-witness as saying.
The crew members said that the incident took place while they were shooting for a kidnapping sequence in the film. The eye-witness said that soon after the incident spectators started fleeing from the spot. When contacted, Superintendent of Police, City North, Tahir Saleem denied the reports saying, “There was huge crowd and the youth demanded autographs from the actors. When police tried to control the crowd, one of the youth slipped along with his Kangri which he was carrying,” he said adding that shooting went on smoothly.
The cast and crew of ‘Haider’ returned to the valley on January 27. Last year, the film crew had to pack up the shoot while filming at Kashmir University after the students living in hostels in the campus objected to hoisting of Indian flag atop a make-shift bunker.