Wandhama massacre: Omar rubbishes criticism about govt inaction

Srinagar: Jammu and Kashmir Chief Minister Omar Abdullah on Saturday brushed aside criticism that the state government did not act against the perpetrators of 1998 Wandhama massacre of Kashmiri Pandits, saying “12 militants responsible for the act were killed.”
“A lot of chatter about alleged inaction following #Wandahama massacre of Kashmiri Pandits. Facts are very different and counter (the) allegation. Stay with me while I put the facts here-night of 25th Jan ‘1998, 23 Pandits killed by militants in #Wandahama. Harkat ul Ansar suspected,” Omar wrote on micro-blogging site twitter.com.
Omar said on February 17 that year, troops launched an operation and “six foreign militants, probably Pakistanis,” were killed and another injured.
“All HUA cadres. Injured HUA militant admits to being part of #Wandhama massacre and names other dead ones as accomplices with name of ISI commander also,” Omar said.
He said six more “foreign militants of Harkat” were killed in operations over the following years.
“Further ops over next years in #Wandhama area see 6 more HUA foreigners killed & no evidence or intelligence of further involvement (of more militants),” the Chief Minister said.
He said the case was closed after that. “As a result the case was closed. To suggest no action followed #Wandhama massacre or Govt slept/ignored is NOT supported by facts,” he said.
A Kashmiri Pandit organisation, KPSS, Friday alleged that the government took no action to bring the perpetrators of Wandhama massacre to book and demanded that the Chief Minister issue a statement about the action taken in the case.—PTI