Laive is Not Blind!


Seven years ago, Sheru found a person known to him in bad shape.  He had not combed his dandruffy hair for long. It looked like a bird’s nest. His clothes were not ironed. He was in depression. Sheru later came to know that his girlfriend had got married to a rich fellow, leaving him in a state of shock.

Suddenly he started coming to Sheru’s office and Sheru started taking interest in him. Why? Sheru does not know. A few days later, he narrated his dukhi story to Sheru. It was the usual laive story where parents refuse to budge. And as usual, the girl got married, went on a honeymoon, came back, gave birth to children, and gained weight. Sheru was not impressed, much to his new friend’s disappointment.


Time passed. Last week he met Sheru after a long time. He had a smile on his lips. The paleness of his teeth had gone. He was nicely and decently dressed. Sheru knew he had much to share. In a restaurant, he said: “A few days ago, I saw her.” Sheru knew what was coming. “She has become obese…We exchanged greetings and that was it,” he said.

Shabaash merey shair – her appearance had shocked her deewana. The laive that had almost maddened him for seven years suddenly vanished. He is a happy man now. He is planning to get married and has started behaving like a gentleman.

Ridiculous! If this is laive then aaisi mohabbat sey hum baaz aayey. Had she maintained her figure, the deewana would not have been put off by her appearance. Who says laive is blind? It has sharp eyes and Sheru’s friend has proved it.

Women have reasons to feel worried. If they do not maintain their figure after ditching their boyfriends, they should be prepared to entertain some crude compliments. But can all nakaam ashiqs resort to such blasphemy? Some nice people say no. A few of them still count stars at night.

The reaction will come tomorrow.  She is a regular reader of this column. Today she will read it and receive a jhatka (shock).Tomorrow she will definitely contact her former deewana. And the next day Sheru will come to know about it. And if Sheru feels proper, the readers will be apprised of the development next Sunday – maza aayey ga.

But Sheru wants to make an important point clear. Can the bechoor ashiq ever forget her? He cannot. A sailor went to sea twenty-five years ago to forget Lucy d/o Stephen r/o Lane No 4 Edward Street, New York. Even if she boasts immense girth today, she will continue to haunt him for the rest of his life.