`My Mother Head Empty’


While preparing him for term examination, a mom urged her son to make sentences for words suggested by the teacher.  One of the words was emperor. The kid carved out a beautiful sentence. He wrote: “My father is emperor.”  The mom was pleased. Normally a woman gets pleased when somebody praises their husband. Yes, she is at liberty to pull handfuls of hair from his already bald head. She can do this and that to make the life of her husband miserable. But nobody else can take such liberties. Others have to praise her husband necessarily.

Sheru is reminded of a Bollywood song: bura hai bhala hai jaisa bhi hai, mera pati mera devta hai (good or bad, my husband is my god). In the sub-continent, the husband is called parmeshwar (god) and sartaaj (crown). But all this is for public consumption. The parmeshwar or the sartaaj rarely gets a fair deal. The unfortunate part of the dukhi story is that they (husbands) cannot form a union to enforce their rights. Sheru has written a lot on the plight of husbands.  “A man is born free but finds himself in chains after marriage.” kaisa laga?

Anyway, the delighted mom gave her son a big hug for praising her husband. But she was in for a shock. The other word was “empty” and the kid had to make a sentence. After thinking for a while, the sweet little kid wrote: My mother head empty.

The kid saw seeng (horns) sprouting out of her head. She turned violent andwohwowed (cursed) him. Sheru had a hearty laugh when he learnt of the boy’s creative talents.

After praising his father, the kid had tried to please his mother as well. But unfortunately, in the process of striking a balance, he committed a grave error. But what an assessment he had made!

This is how journalists get imbalanced while balancing a story. And if even journalists commit such mistakes, how can the mom take her kid to task.  Such mistakes have to be taken in one’s stride.

Not surprisingly, the Dad had to face a very difficult situation when he returned home from office.

“Arrange a tutor for him. I cannot teach him. I am a human-being, and need some rest.”

The poor man cursed himself. For what? He did not tell his wife. But Sheru knows. Sheru, however, will not share it with readers. The right to privacy is very dear to Sheru, and it must be upheld.

The family resumed normal life when the sartaaj made some adjustments here and there. The wife was praised and the poor kid scolded. But, when she saw her kid’s gloomy face, the mother in her surfaced. She picked the kid up, hugged him and kissed him. The kid smiled and so did the poor husband.