1990 (a): Holocaust Day

Kashmiri Pandits observe January 19 as Holocaust Day to recall their mass migration from the Valley after the onset of militancy. The Pandits say that 50,000 members of the community were internally displaced that day alone in 1990. While some chose to go abroad, most had to settle for refugee camps in Jammu and cities across India.
But there is no historical proof of January 19 being the day of the mass departure. The exodus took place later.
The Pandits also say that nocturnal sloganeering from mosques instilled fear in the community. Among the slogans the Pandits cite there are some that were never chanted anywhere in Kashmir.
1990 (b): Curfew Clamped Across Kashmir
Strict curfew was imposed across Kashmir following the appointment of Jagmohan as the state’s Governor. No movement was allowed. Even media persons were restrained from reporting to work. Curfew passes, however, were later issued to the media on the intervention of some senior bureaucrats.

1990 (c): Lull Before the Storm
An uneasy calm prevailed across Kashmir, especially in the city of Srinagar. Rumours about a massive search operation created a deep sense of foreboding. Though everything had come to a standstill, people in the interiors huddled in groups to discuss developments. Meanwhile, slogans continued to be chanted over mosque loudspeakers.

1991: CRPF Kills 11 at Magarmal Bagh
Personnel of the 42nd CRPF opened indiscriminate fire in the Magarmal Bagh quarter of upper Srinagar, leaving 11 civilians dead. Most of the victims had been waiting for transport at the bus-stop, and breathed their last on the road. The slain included two of a family.