1948: UNISC Commences Kashmir Debate

The Security Council commenced discussions on Kashmir on January 15, 1948. Gopalaswami Ayyangar, a former Prime Minister of Jammu and Kashmir and a minister without portfolio in the Indian Cabinet, and Sir Zaffarullah Khan headed the Indian and Pakistani delegations respectively. Ayyangar said that the primary task before the Security Council was to end aggression in Kashmir. Sir Zaffarullah, however, refuted the allegation of aggression.

1949: Indo-Pak Army Commands Meet
The high commands of the Indian and Pakistani armies held a conference at New Delhi on January 15 on their own in presence of the military advisor of the UNCIP. It was decided that the ceasefire should be advanced from an informal to a formal basis. A line of demarcation was considered essential to further the implementation of the Part I of the August 13, 1948 resolution and also to establish the position of the forces in order to avoid violations of the ceasefire.

1990: Processions, Sloganeering in Kashmir
By January 15, 1990 it had dawned on people that something big was in the offing. In Srinagar, people irrespective of age would take out processions within their localities and chant pro-freedom and anti-India slogans. In the evenings, they would assemble in their localities to chant Allah-o-Akbar, Kabeeran Kabeera (Allah is Great).
The law and order machinery was crippled. Militants had also killed some secret police personnel. Amid all this and more in Kashmir, New Delhi was preparing to replace the Dr Farooq Abdullah government.