Geelani warns India, Pak against ‘secret deal’ on Kashmir

Srinagar: Hurriyat Conference (G) chairman Syed Ali Geelani on Sunday warned the governments of India and Pakistan against a ‘secret deal’ to bifurcate Jammu and Kashmir, saying both these countries don’t have a mandate to resolve the Kashmir issue bilaterally.
“I want to make it clear again that Kashmir issue can be resolved only by giving the people of Jammu and Kashmir their right to self-determination as per UN resolutions, and any secret deal between India and Pakistan to bifurcate the state will never be accepted,” Geelani said.
He said the right to self-determination is not for the people of Kashmir only, “but all the regions of the state including Azad Kashmir, Baltistan, Gilgit, Ladakh and Jammu, and we will accept the decision of the majority, whatever it will be.”
“The Kashmir issue has three main parties—India, Pakistan and the people of Jammu and Kashmir—and it is only India which is the main hurdle in implementation of UN resolutions on Kashmir and has illegally occupied the land on the basis of its might and power,” Geelani said while addressing a seminar titled “Tasavur-e-Azadi: Auswa-e-Hassana Ki Roshini Mey” (Concept of freedom in the light of Prophet’s code of conduct) organised by the Hurriyat at his residence here.
Geelani said the ongoing ‘freedom movement’ is the genuine struggle of people of Jammu and Kashmir and India and Pakistan don’t have a right “to break the geographical unity of the state.”
Without naming anyone, Geelani said that some people say it is not possible to rid Kashmir of the “Indian occupation.” But, he said, “Let me assure the people that our struggle is righteous and we will achieve the goal with the help of Allah almighty.”
Reiterating his election boycott call, Geelani said that participation in polls “is tantamount to supporting Indian occupation which is an evil.”
“By participating in elections and choosing pro-India party members as MLAs and MLCs means risking our ‘akhirat’ (the hereafter) for the worldly benefits of others,” said Geelani, adding that by refraining from voting let people of Jammu and Kashmir “show to the world that they are not part of India.”
“Mere slogans will not do anything, we need to work and be part of door-to-door election boycott campaign,” said Geelani.
He urged the people to understand “the true meaning of freedom in the light of the Qur’an and the Sunnah.”
“We want freedom in Kashmir so that we will implement the Islamic code of conduct here, and the purpose of freedom will not be served if Indian rule will be replaced by any secular government or family rule,” he said.
Geelani said the district presidents and workers of the National Conference, which was fighting against Hari Singh’s regime, “became Hari Sigh itself in their own areas after the autocratic regime was overthrown in 1947.”
“The people who spoke against them were tortured, put under gallows or banished from here to Pakistan,” said Geelani.
Stressing upon the unity among the Muslims in state, Geelani said that in order to achieve larger goals people need to change their priorities.
“Our priority at the moment should be how to end the illegal and oppressive Indian occupation in state and not focus on sectarian conflicts and other minor issues,” Geelani added.