1948: “Pak Involved in Aiding Raiders”

To vindicate its position on Kashmir, New Delhi contended that The Times of London had written on January 13, 1948: “That Pakistan is unofficially
involved in aiding the raiders is certain.”

“Their correspondent has first hand evidence that arms, ammunition and supplies are being made
available to the Azad Kashmir forces. A few Pakistani officers are also helping direct their operations,” India went on to say.

Pakistan countered the Indian charges at the UN and flatly denied that it had provided any assistance to the tribesmen who had invaded Kashmir.

The Pakistani Foreign Minister questioned the validity of Kashmir’s accession to India, though India’s representative had promised the
Security Council that the Kashmiri people would have a plebiscite to ratify the accession.

1949: India Reaffirms Plebiscite Pledge at UNSC
Speaking on the UN’s August 13 (1948) resolution on the Kashmir issue, Josef Korbel urged India and Pakistan to negotiate the terms and conditions for holding a plebiscite in the contested state.
Sir Benegal Rama Rau, the Indian delegate, spoke during the 399th meeting of the Security Council on January 13, 1949: “On behalf of my Government, I can give the assurance that it will not only cooperate to the utmost with the (UN) Commission itself towards a settlement in Kashmir, but also with the United Nations in securing peace everywhere, because it believes that this organization offers the only hope for peace for future generations, on a secure basis.”
Subsequently, on March 1, 1951, Sir Rau went further at the Security Council: “The people of Kashmir are not mere chattels to be disposed of according to a rigid formula; their future must be decided on their own interest and in accordance with their own desires.”
Another Indian delegate, Mr Setalwad, said during the 572nd meeting of the Security Council on January 31, 1952: “I was the first to declare that the people of Jammu and Kashmir should freely decide their own future.”

1988: Hindu-Sikh Riots in Jammu
Unprecedented riots broke out between Hindus and Sikhs in the Jammu city on the birth anniversary of Guru Gobind Singh. Massive loss of property was reported. This was the first time that Hindus and Sikhs had clashed with each other in Jammu.

1992: French Engineer Escapes from Captivity
A French engineer held hostage by militants escaped after three months in captivity. Militants had abducted the engineer to force the government to meet their demands.