Indian agencies behind Hurriyat’s division: Kamal

Srinagar: A senior leader of the ruling National Conference (NC) on Tuesday blamed ‘Indian agencies’ for dividing political parties in Jammu and Kashmir and said the fresh division in pro-freedom Hurriyat Conference (M) was the “handiwork of the same agencies.”
“It is only Indian agencies which have been dividing both mainstream and separatist political parties in Jammu and Kashmir. The latest division in Hurriyat is also creation of the same agencies who don’t want them to achieve their goal of freedom of Kashmir,” Mustafa Kamal, NC’s additional general secretary, told Kashmir Reader.
He said, “Earlier it was Ram Jethmalani, who was send by Indian agencies in 2000, who divided the Hurriyat Conference into Geelani and Mirwaiz factions, and the role of these agencies in creating further divisions can’t be ruled out.”
“The role of Indian agencies in Kashmir has always been to weaken the Hurriyat Conference’s goal of achieving right to self-determination for the people of Jammu and Kashmir, and Hurriyat Conference should be conscious not to fall into their trap,” Kamal, who is the uncle of Chief Minister Omar Abdullah, said.
He said the Hurriyat leaders have a common goal, and “to achieve it they should get united to present one picture of Kashmir before the world.”
When asked why his party was interested in unification of divided Hurriyat, Kamal said, “It is not the matter of Hurriyat only, but of Muslim community in Kashmir which has always been target of Indian agencies to get divided and fight each other.”
“It’s not only Hurriyat but NC also which has been the target of these agencies since 1953,” he said.
“The Indian agencies have been dividing mainstream political parties in Kashmir also. Immediately after (NC) came up with its Autonomy resolution in state Assembly, Indian agencies with the backing of BJP created People’s Democratic Party (PDP) with the new agenda of self-rule,” said Kamal.
“It was only to create division and confusion among the people,” he said, adding, “Indian agencies have always following the policy of use and throw the leaders in Kashmir.”
“They create leaders, use them at one point and once their goals are achieved they make them irrelevant and throw them,” said Kamal.
He said that political parties in Kashmir should not fall into the trap of these agencies and instead of fighting each other, they must fight together for resolution of Kashmir issue.