Sheru is a Terrorist!


Responding to one of Sheru’s salads, a man from somewhere accused Sheru of harbouring terrorist tendencies. He was annoyed by Sheru’s mention of Maharaja Ranbir Singh using high-quality linen as toilet paper.  He also wanted to know the source of what he called wrong information.

Well, Sheru had quoted the source.  Sheru laughed at this accusation. Terrorism has been defined differently by different people. Sheru, however, knows only one form of terrorism, and that is state terrorism.  Whether people like it or not, Sheru is all out to fight state terrorism. But, how did a historical write-up make Sheru a terrorist? Sheru is not like Shahrukh Khan who is desperate to prove he is not a terrorist. Sheru is not a Khan but a terrorist if terrorism means writing about a lavish monarch who built castles on the graves of innocent Kashmiri Muslims.


Sheru is a terrorist if terrorism means writing about fake encounters, custodial killings, rapes and enforced disappearances.  Yes, Sheru is a terrorist if terrorism means expressing sympathy with a rape survivor. Sheru is a terrorist if terrorism means writing about a renegade who is nominated for an award. Sheru is a terrorist if terrorism means calling a spade a spade.


Sheru is a terrorist if terrorism means defending a scholar who is cornered by biased media and forced to condemn the institution of purda. Sheru  feels honoured to win the label of a terrorist while fighting the onslaught against Muslims for persecuting their women. Aishwarya Rai represents the Indian elite. Unfortunately, she is a manglic (born on Tuesday). Mangal (Tuesday) is considered an inauspicious day by Hindus.  The superstitious Bachchans got her married to a tree to make her nuptial knot with Abhishek Bachchan a long-lasting relationship. Surprisingly the media remained mum. Nobody uttered a word. Had Ash been a Muslim she would have been ridiculed for being superstitious to this extent.

Sheru becomes a terrorist when he writes against a policeman who smashes the head of a kid with a tear-smoke shell.  Sheru loses his cool and becomes a terrorist when a man in uniform picks up a carpenter and kills him in a fake encounter for reward.

Sheru does not care. A sick man with a programmed brain in a rotten skull says what his masters want him to say.  He writes what he is directed to write.