Not Even After Ata?

Not Even After Ata?

Human rights groups working in Jammu and Kashmir put the number of enforced disappearances in the conflict-torn region between 1989 and 2012 at above 8000. An exhaustive and painstaking report by the International People’s Tribunal For Human Rights and Justice In Kashmir (IPTK) and the Association of the Parents Of Disappeared Persons (APDP) had detailed […]

The Honour Of The Gravedigger

The Honour Of The Gravedigger

Atta Mohammad, of Bimyar in Uri, has died. When sovereigns die, the pomp is often meant to elide the evil interred in their bones. Kashmir is witness to that; to the fact that shapers of hated eventualities need armed guards to protect bones bleached clean by ineluctable worms. And yet, for some quiet, conscientious ones, […]

Shia And Sunni?

Shia And Sunni?

The execution of a Shia cleric by the Saudi authorities – and subsequent events, leading to the breaking of diplomatic ties between Saudi Arabia and Iran — has led to an alarming new high in sectarian tensions within the Muslim community. This was also manifested in Kashmir with protests against the execution leading to reports […]

For Cricket’s Sake

With its spectacular performance so far in the Ranji Trophy this season, the Jammu and Kashmir cricket squad has made points and headlines with equal intensity. The odds it battled could have daunted sides with greater experience. But it surmounted them all – be it lack of adequate preparation in the build-up, quality and strong […]

Fulfil Sher-e-Kashmir’s dream

Sher-e-Kashmir tried his best to grant hill councils to erstwhile Doda district and the Pir Panchal region. However, the Jammu people opposed it and he shelved the idea. Immediately after assuming office of the Chief Minister in 1996, Dr Farooq Abdullah tried promised to fulfil his father’s dream. He promised administrative autonomy to both the […]

Poll Gimmick

Many questions have been raised at the government’s decision to create new administrative units (districts, tehsils, blocks etc) in Jammu and Kashmir at a time when the state is confronted with financial hardships and looming Parliament and Assembly elections. Since the government has not only not made public but also ignored the Bleoria Commission and […]

Shameful Inaction

According to data furnished by the Home Department, there are more cases of rape and molestation registered against “security” men and the police than against insurgents. This applies to statistics offered for both provinces of the state. The data reveals that 5125 cases of rapes were registered across the state, 2601 in Kashmir and 2524 […]

One Way Ticket

As fellow-traveller on Kashmir’s mountain highways, Death’s commitment to his calling is second only to the lack of it among the state’s police and traffic authorities. Evidence seems to suggest that this, in fact, is a league of extra-ordinary forces, one driven by inevitability, and the other by incorrigibility. But even in this ghoulish pact, […]

Hill Council Gripes

Several quarters in the Jammu region have opposed the creation of new administrative units in the state. According to them, the National Conference is trying to create a Chenab Valley Autonomous Hill Development Council and a Pir Panjal Council in the garb of the new units. They further believe that the move is aimed at […]

Don’t take people for granted

Kashmir’s pro-freedom camp has faced many types of ebbs and flows in the state’s six decades old turbulent history. While this period of Kashmir’s national history is replete with the incidents of unprecedented sacrifices offered by people and leadership alike, it has also witnessed compromises and capitulations by those leading from the front on this […]