Pampore stadium again turns into a dumping site

Pampore stadium again turns into a dumping site
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Pampore: After striving for more than a decade to revive the sports stadium at Kadlabal in saffron town Pampore, the local municipal committee is hell-bent upon turning it to a dumping site. The piled up garbage is deterring sports activity in the playground and failing the purpose of reviving the place through huge investment.
The youth of the town told Kashmir Reader that the dumping of garbage in the stadium is limiting the sports activities.
“No one would like to play at a stinking place surrounded by heaps of garbage,” Momin Ahmad, a local youngster said adding that a place meant for healthful activities has been become a hub for spreading diseases.
The residents castigated the Municipal Committee for its decision to build a temporary dumping site on the stadium land in the neighbourhood of a densely populated locality, an Islamic seminary and a bus stand.
“I think the municipal authorities do not know that garbage always stinks and carries diseases. They are dumping the rubbish at a place where children gather to play games,” Ali said.
The residents especially youth told Kashmir Reader that they strived for over a decade for the revival of Pampore stadium but the decision of MC is trying to throw their efforts down the drain.
District Manager of the sports council Pulwama Bashir Ahmad termed the construction of dumping pit on the stadium land as encroachment. He said he has raised the issue with the higher ups of the department.
“The stadium has become functional just few months back after sports council of Jammu and Kashmir spent huge sum of money to revive it,” he said adding that construction of dumping site would only mean wastage of money that has been spent on its revival.
Executive Officer, Municipal Committee Pampore Manzoor Ahmad told Kashmir Reader that the dumping site was constructed on the directions of Tehsildar Pampore who notified the land for the temporary dumping site.
“The dumping site was notified after Additional Deputy Commissioner saw garbage littered on the sides of highway and asked us to collect it at some specific place.
He said that the local residents or the sportspersons can halt the dumping at the designated place if they have objection to its operation.


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