Himayat trainees deprived of travel expenses, implementing agency cites delay in funding

Himayat trainees deprived of travel expenses, implementing agency cites delay in funding
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SRINAGAR: The students who have been engaged for training and placement under Himayat scheme have alleged that they have been deprived of the promised travel allowances since October 2016.
The students engaged in the government of India sponsored scheme are entitled to receive Rs 50 per day as travelling expenses. They were paid the amount at the end of each month.
The students covered under the Himayat scheme have been categorized in various groups. They said students covered under batches A, B and C since January 2016 have been paid per diem for three months only. After the eruption of public uprising in Kashmir, the students were denied the transport expenses.
Similarly students of batch D and E did not receive any travel expenses. The case is the same with students belonging to F and G groups.
The students without revealing their identity said that they have made several pleas to the organisers of the programme but the travel expenses were not released in their favour.
“We are tired of making continuous pleas. Nobody is helping us,” one of the aggrieved students said.
Himayat is a training-cum-placement programme for unemployed youth in Jammu and Kashmir. Youth have been promised short-term training for at least 3 months to one year diploma in computers in a range of skills. At the end of the training, the youth are assured a job and there is one year post-placement tracking to see how they were faring. The scheme aims to train 1, 00,000 youth in 5 years and will provide at least 75,000 jobs. Placements will be largely in the service sector both in J&K and outside the state.
The scheme is implemented in Public Private Partnership (PPP) mode by the Ministry of Rural Development, Government of J&K, along with partner training agencies. The focus is on youth from low-income families and school dropouts.
Barakat Ali Wani, Project implementing Agency(PIA) of Himayat told Kashmir Reader that they have received only 25 percent of funds in 2015. “This amount was used for setting up training centers and travelling expenses for three months. We have applied for the second installment. Whenever, the funds reach us we will transfer the amount to the bank accounts of the students,” he said.
The programme has been developed and initiated by the Ministry of Rural Development. Himayat will be implemented by private companies or NGOs who will conduct the training and will be responsible for placement of youth.
Muzamil Osmani, project officer at National Institute of Rural Development (NIRD) told Kashmir Reader that he has got the same answer from the implementing agency. “I will convey the issue to the higher-ups and wait for their response,” he said.


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