Ulema, civil society discuss property-rights of half-widows

Ulema, civil society discuss property-rights of half-widows
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Srinagar: The Ulemas representing different schools of thought and prominent civil society members Thursday held a consultative meeting on the property rights of half-widows.
The meeting was organised by a civil society group, Ehsaas.
Speaking on the occasion, Chairperson of Association of Parents of Disappeared Persons (APD), Parveena Ahanger said the property issue of the half-widows was more important than their marriages.
Ahanger said there were cases of in-laws harassing the half-widows.
A half-widow Safiya Azad said that her husband had sacrificed for the nation and not for self and that there was a need to help half-widows who had been left to raise three to four children on their own.
Another half-widow Shamima said she had been left to fend for her two children after her husband was subjected to enforced disappearance in year 2000.
She said she had rejected the exgratia relief offered to her and instead sought the whereabouts of her husband.
President Ehsaas, Bashir Ahmad Dar said that Ulemas of different Fiqhs on the issues of remarriage and property rights of the half-widows have the consensus that ideally for property the disappeared persons should be considered alive and for remarriage considered dead.
Mufti Azam Jamiat Ahli-Hadees, Mufti Muhammad Yaqoob Baba Al Madani said Islam laid a complete blueprint for addressing such issues but the problem existed in the society.
The programme concluded with a signature campaign with the participants endorsing the memorandum. Ehsaas, a civil society group has been working on the issues of half-widows and has been deliberating on ways and means of providing succor to them.
The group brought together Ulemas from different schools of thought and helped in arriving at a consensus of having an Iddah period of four years for the remarriage of half-widows.


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