Crackdown on ‘overstaying’ doctors: Salaries to be stopped

Crackdown on ‘overstaying’ doctors: Salaries to be stopped
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Srinagar: The J&K government has directed all health administrators to stop salaries of doctors and paramedics who are occupying positions beyond the sanctioned strength in a health institution or are attached or deployed there “by withdrawing posts from the peripheral areas”.
The order has come days after Kashmir Reader carried a series of reports on doctors refusing or avoiding rural postings by staying on in some administrative position or staying “attached” to Srinagar hospitals.
As per the circular issued by Principal Secretary Health and Medical Education, Pawan Kotwal, administrators of medical colleges, dental colleges, associated hospitals, health directorates, block medical officers,, Department of ISM, etc, have been directed to relieve from duty all such consultants, medical officers and paramedics attached to them who are in surplus of the sanctioned strength, or where two persons are occupying one sanctioned post, and those who have served for more than five years in one health institution.
“It is enjoined upon all the HoDs including Director of Health Services Kashmir and Director of Health Services Jammu, Director ISM, Director Family Welfare, Chief Medical Officers, Block Medical Officers, Principals of Government Medical Colleges, Dental Colleges, Nursing, AMT Schools and respective Drawing and Disbursing Officers to detach and transfer all attached and surplus consultants, medical officers and paramedics staff immediately,” the circular reads.
The drawing and disbursing officers were also instructed to stop salaries of all such illegal staffers immediately.
“No salary should be paid to attached or surplus consultants, medical officers, paramedics who were attached or deployed in excess of the sanctioned strength and by withdrawing posts from the peripheral areas,” it says.
“It should be ensured that in cases where two or more persons have been posted against one sanctioned post, the one(s) who has a longer stay should be transferred out only if he/she has completed a minimum tenure of 2 years there,” the government order says.
It has, however, taken a lenient view in case of ailing employees who were attached on account of severe health conditions like cancer and other terminal illnesses.
The Chief Minister had recently instructed the Health Department to take strict action against ‘overstaying’ and ‘illegally posted’ doctors and other employees.
The official diktat also impressed upon the administrators to send the details of the employees posted in excess of the sanctioned strength in any of the health institution.
Admitting that some employees use political influence while seeking choice postings in the Health Department, it has directed that action be taken against them.
“Some consultants, medical officers, and paramedics resort to seeking recommendations from different political dignitaries to bring political or other outside influence upon superior authorities for transfers and postings which cause undue interference in the functioning of the administration besides creating other allied problems in so far as optimum use of the human resource is concerned,” says the order.
Officials have been also directed to inform of action taken in light of the instructions issued by the General Administration Department against those government employees who try to influence their transfer/postings.
“All such doctors, paramedics, hospital staff, except for those appointed under RBA/ALC categories, who have completed more than five years of tenure in a Health institution shall be shifted and action under rules shall be taken against those Government employees who shall try to influence their transfer or postings in the light of the instructions issued by the General Administration Department vide their Circular No. 05-GAD of 2017 dated 02.02.2017,” it says.



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