Elevator at Lal Ded hospital dysfunctional for 9 months

Elevator at Lal Ded hospital dysfunctional for 9 months
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SRINAGAR: The elevator in the largest state-run maternity health facility, Lal Ded hospital—is dysfunctional for the past nine months leaving hundreds of patients and their attendants in trouble. The lack of facility is harsher for the patients who undergo Caesarian sections in the hospital.
The expecting women have to take a long flight to stairs to and from wards or other sections of the hospital.
Nighat, a resident of Zaina Kadal has been operated three days ago. She suffered complications in labour due to high blood pressure issues. The doctors often prescribe her to do tests and for that she has to go to another block. “Due to unavailability of lift, I have to take stairs. My husband or sometimes my brother helps me to go downstairs as I can’t even move alone due to the surgery,” she said.
Cesarean patients are already writhing in pain, which are further complicated by the lack of facilities including the elevator. It is equally dangerous for them to walk on the ramp because the steep ramps can lead to fall.
Shaziya, another woman from south Kashmir’s Kulgam area also underwent Cesarean section. “It creates lots of problem for patients as well as attends. My child is not well and he is admitted in paediatric ward which is located in the old block of this hospital. In this condition I have to go to ground level through stairs and reach to paediatric ward to feed my child,” she complained.
Head, department of gynecology and obstetrics Dr Shahnaz Taing admitted that dusfuctional elevators are a cause of hardships for the patients. “Due to the dysfunctional lifts, doctors as well as the patients are suffering. I have approached the higher ups to fix the problem but nothing has been done. We too suffer as we have to go to the wards to see the patients,” she said.
However, medical superintendent Dr Nazir Malik denied that the elevator was not functioning. “I can show you that the lift in new block is working,” he said.

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