Feeding off Desperation

Feeding off Desperation
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A group of thirteen young men from poor and vulnerable backgrounds have been duped by those who promised employment for them in Dubai. While a few have been able to return home, many are still stranded in Dubai. This is both a travesty and a tragedy given it means that these vulnerable people have been leeched off by predators. It is a statement of the obvious to say that the bracket of the educated unemployed is growing at an alarming rate in Kashmir. This is bound to grow by the day. Unemployment besides exacting an emotional and psychical toll on people taxes them economically. In combination, these conjunctural themes render the unemployed young vulnerable to the blandishments of those who lure them with promises of employment- within or without Kashmir. These people, at times, sell their meager family silver and offer these to predators who feed of their desperation and vulnerability. Often times, these victims find themselves abandoned and deserted with neither a job in hand and their valuable family silver squandered and frittered away. In a way, the predicament of Kashmir’s youth in terms of unemployment and lack of skills is a failure of various administrations. Kashmir’s youth bulge has not been converted into a demographic dividend whose benefits could redound to these vulnerable people. Jobs , in Kashmir, whenever they are available , are dished out, usually as a form of patronage. There is also the factor of corruption and nepotism which , in combination , ensures that available jobs go to those who can cough up monies or have connections in high places. This eats into meritocracy and leaves a substantial number of the educated unemployed in the lurch and thereby at the mercy of predators. The “burden” again is borne by these people and their families. Desperation, generally speaking, entails a state of mind and being wherein, the victims are open to both suggestion and thus exploitation. Unscrupulous predators prey and feed upon this very desperation and make pecuniary gains from it. Given the insidious nature of the issue, it is incumbent upon all of us, to first, make efforts to alleviate the causes of economic problems and second prevent the vulnerable from falling victim to unscrupulous predators. Awareness campaigns regarding this fiendish trend are the need of the hour. These need to and must be complemented by strict and exemplary punishment to those who actually thrive on feeding off misery and desperation.


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