Kashmir issue holding back India’s UNSC seat: Qasim

Kashmir issue holding back India’s UNSC seat: Qasim
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SRINAGAR: “Indian rulers and media are not only misleading their own people by terming Kashmir imbroglio as a national issue but are degrading their standing on the international standards as well,” said Chairperson of Muslim Deeni Mahaz (MDM) Muhammad Qasim.
In a statement, Qasim said by terming Kashmir issue as a national issue, India is trying to negate the historical context of the division of the subcontinent. He said right after 1947, there has been a gradual policy of negating the historical perspective of Kashmir “imbroglio” and Kashmir issue is being presented as an internal matter of India.
“This has led to Indian masses falling for this propaganda. Then the political parties made it a political issue for vote bank gains. It is a distortion of history to term Kashmir issue as a national matter of India or something related to India’s security and integrity,” Qasim said.
The MDM chief said due to its geographic and demographic expanse and military might, India should have had a world standing along with USA, China, Russia, Britain and France but it is in a constant strife over Kashmir with Pakistan which is a country much smaller than it in geography, economy and military might.
“This strife has badly affected the international standing of India. It is due to Kashmir issue (that) India has not been able to secure a permanent seat in UN Security Council; neither has (it) attained a strong stature in world political setup,” he said.
In India 40 percent people live below poverty line while 20 crore people have to go without dinner on daily basis; the reason is Kashmir issue. “It is imperative in such scenario that Indian people think how Kashmir issue has held India back on the international and economic front,” he said.
Qasim said Kashmiri youth should reach out to Indian youth through social media to apprise them about the correct historical perspective of Kashmir issue.
“It will yield us two benefits: First – Indian youth will understand the reality of the ‘atoot ang’ rant. Second – they will understand that Indian actual borders will not change with the freedom of Kashmir from India and neither will it affect the integrity and security of India. When Kashmir is not a part of India how it can be a national issue for India?” the MDM chief said.

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