Alam’s re-arrests against international covenants: Bar

Alam’s re-arrests against international covenants: Bar
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SRINAGAR: J&K High Court Bar Association Srinagar, Saturday condemned the re-arrest of Masarat Alam Bhat, and taking him to an unknown place after his 35th order of detention was quashed recently by the High Court.
The Bar termed the re-arrest as “ruthless, barbaric and a glaring and perpetual violation of his human rights”.
Stating that it was not the first time, Alam has been re-arrested inside the jail and lodged at some unknown place Bar termed the move as contrary to UN Charter, Universal Declaration of Human Rights and other international covenants and agreements, which guarantee the protection of life and liberty of human beings all over the world.
“The method and manner in which, Masarat Alam Bhat and other detenues including Asiya Andrabi, Fehmeeda Sofi, Ghulam Mohammad Khan Sopori, Sheikh Mohamad Yousuf and Haji Rustum Bhat and others have been treated by the Govt. and its agencies, leaves no manner of doubt that J&K State is a police state and no police or jail official is bothered to follow the rule of law or honour the orders of the court,” a statement issued by Bar said.
The statement said that right to life and liberty, cannot be cut-out or cut-down without fair legal procedure and any form of illegal detention and torture offends the human dignity and constitutes an inroad into the sacred right of life and liberty, which should be taken note of by the International community and all other human rights organizations of the world.
The Bar statement also requested the High Court, which is hearing a PIL filed by it, to take judicial notice of the matter, so as to provide appropriate relief to all those detenues and undertrial prisoners, who are languishing in jails despite the quashing of their orders of detention or passing of orders of release.


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